What To Expect After Escrow Closes

If you are the Seller, you received your proceeds check and are on your way to another home. If you are the Buyer, you have the keys to your new home and are busy with the many details of moving. But did you know there are several post-closing activities that will still need to be taken care of?  Check below for information which may concern you.


  • Be sure to keep all of the documents you received during your transaction, especially the final closing statement. Your CPA will need this document when preparing your tax return.
  • If you paid off a mortgage or other liens attached to the property, you may receive documents from the lender which confirm these payments, such as the original note with "paid in full" written on it. Keep these in a safe place in case they are needed for future reference.
  • If you paid off a mortgage or two, you should receive the original recorded reconveyance from the County Recorder.  File this with your other papers from the transaction.


  • Be sure to keep all of the documents you received during your transaction, especially the final closing statement. Your CPA will need this document when preparing your tax return.
  • You will receive your Policy of Title Insurance by mail directly from the title insurance company. This important document gives you the assurance that your property is vested in your name and that it is free of any defects or liens (except those approved by you). Contact your Escrow Officer if you do not receive this document within 60 days following your closing date.
  • You will receive the original recorded Grant Deed by mail directly from the County Recorder within 30-60 days. Keep this with your other documents in a safe place.  You will receive junk mail that looks very official offering to get a copy of the Grant Deed for you for a charge.  Just be patient and wait for the original to arrive from the county for "FREE". 
  • If you obtained new financing, you should receive payment information from your Lender (how, where & who to send payment to). Contact the lender if you do not receive any communication before your first payment is due. Do not be surprised if you receive a letter within months of closing that the lender is transferring or selling your loan to a new mortgage company.  Lenders sell loans all the time.
  • If your property is affected by an HOA, you should receive payment information from the management company in the weeks following the close of escrow. Call the management company if you do not receive notification from the association of where to send payment to.
  • If you were provided, or paid for a home warranty policy, you should receive documentation from the home warranty company in the mail within 30 days.  If you don't, contact the company directly or your real estate agent.
  • You will receive a new Property Tax bill stating "new owner" information, and there may be a coupon attached at the bottom with the next payment due.  If your loan has an impound account, notify your lender immediately to make sure they have received a copy so payment can be made.  Anytime up to 6 months after closing, you will also receive one or more Supplemental Property Tax bills. These are your responsibility to pay, not your lender, even if you have an impound account (see attached "Understanding Supplemental Property Tax"). Contact the Tax Assessor’s Office for questions about other bills you may receive.
  • A Homeowner’s Exemption application is usually mailed to new property owners by the County Assessor's office within 90 days of recording the deed, however a copy of it and the instructions are attached for you to complete ASAP if you prefer.  A Homeowner's Exemption means that your property taxes will be calculated on the taxable value of your home less the amount of the exemption, which is currently $7,000.00. In other words, you will get a $7,000 credit on your property value for tax calculations. You will receive official looking "junk" mail from companies offering to file this homestead exemption for you for a fee. However, you can complete this form yourself and mail back to the county assessor for FREE so ignore the junk mail. 

Please remember, I am your real estate expert for life!  Just because your transaction is now closed, it does not mean that my job is completed as well.  I am here for you, to answer all of your questions and help in any way I can before and after your home is purchased or sold.  Contact me anytime.