Final Walk Through Inspection

A few days before closing escrow on your new home, your realtor will coordinate a final walk-through inspection.  During this inspection, do your best to evaluate the home as thoroughly as possible. Examine both the exterior and interior for any issues that may have developed after the initial home inspection – particularly if the seller has already vacated the home. This includes:

  • Assessing the landscape and grounds, including the sprinkler system
  • Opening and closing doors and windows. Confirming all door and window locks can be opened and secured properly
  • Testing the HVAC system and all appliances
  • Turning on and off all indoor and outdoor lights
  • Testing the pool equipment
  • Checking temperature and water pressure for all faucets, noting any drips or leaks and flushing toilets
  • Confirming all required repair work is completed, including termite repairs
  • All keys, remote garage openers, system and appliance manuals, and receipts for any seller repairs are left behind.

Aside from a discerning eye, it’s a good idea to bring the contract, home and termite inspection reports and any written request for seller repairs. And make sure you know:

  • Alarm codes (if applicable)
  • How to work the sprinkler system
  • The location of the water shut-off valve

Lastly, all debris and personal belongings of the seller should be removed already, unless they were included in the sales price.